Biotech Natural Medicine, Inc.

Revolutionary Concept in Alternative Medicine

Biotech Natural Medicine, Inc. is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with offices in Albuquerque and Friendswood, Texas. Telemedicine and phone consults are available worldwide. Email or call the office for details

Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. We provide to you effective care that is responsive to the needs of your individual problem. We focus on diagnosing and finding out why you are suffering from the health problem you are having.

Telemedicine requires complying with certain requirements. Contact the office and our friendly staff will outline them for you. You may download forms to save time if you are scheduled for a new patient examination.

Dr. McCullough is semi-retired and has limited hours for personal visits. He uses the electronic tools we have today including telemedicine to help those who are in areas where they do not have bio-identical hormones or natural thyroid experts available to them. Through consulting services available he can work with you and your local doctor to to bring expert knowledge and services that may not available in isolated areas.

Biotech Natural Medicine, Inc. has multiple physicians with different areas of expertise in both orthodox and chiropractic medicine.

Download our Free Videos that are for educational purposes and cover a variety of subjects. Just call the office and ask for any subject matter listed on the Free Video page we will be glad to send them to you. First Do No Harm is the recommended first video to watch because it describes the basis of the type of natural medicine practiced in the clinics. After watching First Do No Harm pick the video on the subject that interest you. They are free. Just call or email the office for your free copy.

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