Biotech Natural Medicine, Inc.
A Different Kind of Doctor
Why We are Different

I have walked in your shoes.  A patient asked me once why I took a different approach to difficult or non-responsive health problems. I told him that I learned to think outside the box in order to solve my own health problem. During this process I became an expert on alternative medicine in addition to the orthodox training I received. The knowledge I have acquired over three decades has become the base of the different approach in solving the "mystery" cases that I am known for by my thousands patients. Why do you have the problem? What is the cause? This question must be answered first. It is the first step in solving your problem. To answer this question takes specialized testing and interpretation of standard medical testing.

Treating You, Not Your Disease

All systems of medicine are important when solving the difficult or non-responsive problems. My philosophy of practice is use whatever system or therapy necessary to solve my patients problems.  It doesn't matter if we have to use natural medicine, orthodox drugs, dentistry, surgery, food, homeopathic medicine, nutrition, or a combination of all of them. I am here to solve your problem-whatever it takes-as long as we first do no harm.

We Are On The Same Team

We are looking for the root cause of your problem, not merely treatment for your symptoms or disease. It is important to understand the diagnostic and treatment process. So, I have made dozens of videos to provide the answers to many of your questions. (see video page and links)

My Promise To You

I will never give up on you and committed to helping you find answers. Difficult cases typically take time but there is always answers to your problem. What we will do is look in the right places.

Making Your Decision

I am not implying that what I do is superior than orthodox medicine or alternative medicine.  It is different. There are thousands of excellent physicians doing a great job in both camps. What I am saying is that I am different and have a new approach to difficult and non-responsive problems. I am willing to look at your problem from a different angle to help you. If I can help I will do so, if not, then I will tell you and try to help you find someone who can.

Welcome to our family,

Dr. Tim McCullough, DC, DABCI, APC
Board Certified Chiropractic Internist
Advanced Practice Chiropractic Physician


* New Mexico and Oklahoma
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